Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've Moved!

Well my primary writing spot has moved. 

It has been over two months since I started migrating all my posts from my old blogs, including this one, to Reason Creek, where I'm up a creek but with a paddle and the sanity flows smoothly by...  if you miss my writing, pop on over! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bleeping Good News

This past year has been harrowing, I have not made any bones about that, but the ball is in my court and I am officially back on a winning track.  Give me a "Woot!  Woot!"

The low down is that the Doc this a.m said that my recent and long overdue lab tests came back with good results.  I am back to pre-diabetic levels in all the ways that matter.  No more need for Metformin tablets.  I have been eating well and eating no processed sugar  and that is enough for me to keep losing weight and to steadily regain my health!  The Doc concurs that the corrective nasal septum that allowed me to breath normally again and sleep normally again has probably had a huge role to play in being able to lose weight.  Seems that if you don't sleep hormonal regulation gets totally whacked out and your body reads that as a signal to put on weight.  It took years for my body to deteriorate to the level it had, and it will take a while to repair itself. 

Anyway, I am very happy with myself for exercising self-control and doing the things that are allowing my body to heal itself.  I'm proud of myself.  My goal is now to get out of the pre-diabetic niche within a year or so.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?

And it is okay to pat yourself on the back when you achieve something.  Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.  Our own voices, our inner voices are the most important ones to listen to.  We know ourselves better than anyone else, and as long as you are honest with yourself, you can be your own best friend and motivator. 

So perhaps I should celebrate.... oh wait, I already did. 

I stopped by Ross Dress for less on the way back from the appointment this morning and bought two summery dresses. Both are sleeveless and perfect for the Tucson temps that quickly are coming this way.   I write this in the late afternoon and the temp is 78 degrees F.  And even though I still shop in the fat lady section, I was able to find a $9.99 dress and a $12.99 dress that were cotton and look good on me, and will look cute with stuff I own.  I cannot stand synthetic fibers and there is nothing as unsightly clingy clothing that does not fit your body type.  Maybe I will get down to smaller sizes eventually and have access to more attractive styles at the deep discount places I shop, but that if that happens, great, if not, great.  As long as I feel good, what else really matters? 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Not Quite Success, But NOT Failure

Trying. I've been trying... It has been trying. And I am tired, but happy.

Lots and lots of life events in the last few months  Important visit from the East Coast family branch was of major importance. My daughter graduated from college and I helped her move across country.  I also visited family and the area in which I grew up for the first time since my mother's death. Now my hubby and I are negotiating the new rules for the empty nest. So in keeping with my usual modus operandi of trying to do too many things at a time, I decided to participate in the February Nablopomo challenge on BlogHer.  I wrote some good pieces but didn't make the whole month challenge. My hosting company troubles ate up my "buffer" posts I'd stored up.  Then taxes and converting our personal finance tracking software to a different platform did in the blog challenge.  But our taxes are filed, and that is a good thing.

I write a lot, but I write in so many different places, I don't think I can showcase my writing to its best advantage because it is so dispersed.

I tried having all my blogs be scraped and posted to my business site, but with Google penalizing multiply posted content, I don't think that is such a good idea. This added to the dormant state of some of my blogs that makes me question whether it is worth my time to post new posts when I have new ideas to those that do not have an active, current readership. Plus the posting of personal blog posts on my business site just did not seem like a good idea, and I ended up censoring content I really wanted to share.

So I'm back in the search for how to blog my multiple passions, showcase all my writing, and still maintain some professional polish for my business.

I'll keep you posted on what I figure out.  How do you balance and present your different voices?

Friday, February 24, 2012

I Have a Say and I Participated

I posted a short personal video as part of ProChoice America's I HAVE A SAY campaign to send videos about what birth control means to individual women to anti-choice legislators. 

You can participate too.   Just make a video on your computer. Upload it to You Tube and include the words,  "I have a say" as well as your name (I just used my first name) and city (or state) in the title.  Then go to the Coalition to Protect Women's Health and fill out the form to include the video as part of  "Share Your Story: I Have A Say." 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shove This Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Wand Up Your...

I don't want to be angry.  I don't want to be preoccupied with politics.  I don't want to feel like I have to write something.  I enjoy writing.  There is sheer unadulterated joy in putting words on a page or a blank screen.

I don't want to have to write articles about anything other than the wonder that is whatever new discovery I am involved with at the moment.  So instead of actually writing the articles that are peppering my thoughts with sneeze-worthy brain spasms about disturbances in the force, inequality, freedom of religion, various state's sponsored rape of American women, and what the hell happened to the America I loved? I'm just going to write the titles of these less than pleasurable articles I feel I should write and then go on to some real writing that I want to do.

Titles of articles I OUGHT to write:
Shove This Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound Wand Up Your Ass Mr. Against Big Government Intrusion

What part of "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." don't you understand?

Where Is Your Community's Public Square Where You May Peaceably Assemble At Any Time Of The Day Or Night?
Christian Sharia Law:  Women Must Marry Their Rapists  (Deuteronomy 22:28-29)
Keep Your 3000 Year Old North African Patriarchal Tribal Segmentary Lineage Laws Away From My 21st Century Daughters and Grand Daughters
What Ever Happened To Love And Compassion As The Heart Of Our Civilization? 
Recent Female Kansas Lawmaker Believes Women Should Not Vote!  (Kay O'Connor - retired 2005.
These are just some of the thoughts roiling around in my head.   Here is to hoping that giving them a home on this page will tame them.