Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bleeping Good News

This past year has been harrowing, I have not made any bones about that, but the ball is in my court and I am officially back on a winning track.  Give me a "Woot!  Woot!"

The low down is that the Doc this a.m said that my recent and long overdue lab tests came back with good results.  I am back to pre-diabetic levels in all the ways that matter.  No more need for Metformin tablets.  I have been eating well and eating no processed sugar  and that is enough for me to keep losing weight and to steadily regain my health!  The Doc concurs that the corrective nasal septum that allowed me to breath normally again and sleep normally again has probably had a huge role to play in being able to lose weight.  Seems that if you don't sleep hormonal regulation gets totally whacked out and your body reads that as a signal to put on weight.  It took years for my body to deteriorate to the level it had, and it will take a while to repair itself. 

Anyway, I am very happy with myself for exercising self-control and doing the things that are allowing my body to heal itself.  I'm proud of myself.  My goal is now to get out of the pre-diabetic niche within a year or so.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?

And it is okay to pat yourself on the back when you achieve something.  Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.  Our own voices, our inner voices are the most important ones to listen to.  We know ourselves better than anyone else, and as long as you are honest with yourself, you can be your own best friend and motivator. 

So perhaps I should celebrate.... oh wait, I already did. 

I stopped by Ross Dress for less on the way back from the appointment this morning and bought two summery dresses. Both are sleeveless and perfect for the Tucson temps that quickly are coming this way.   I write this in the late afternoon and the temp is 78 degrees F.  And even though I still shop in the fat lady section, I was able to find a $9.99 dress and a $12.99 dress that were cotton and look good on me, and will look cute with stuff I own.  I cannot stand synthetic fibers and there is nothing as unsightly clingy clothing that does not fit your body type.  Maybe I will get down to smaller sizes eventually and have access to more attractive styles at the deep discount places I shop, but that if that happens, great, if not, great.  As long as I feel good, what else really matters? 


  1. Bravo to you! Sounds likea tough year, and you deserved those dresses. ANd if you'r anything like me a bargain makes it even better. Though I can't remember when I last shopped for myself; I don't know what to think when I look in those suffocating dressing room mirrors. Maybe I need to go look at some summery dresses! :)) glad you found my blog and I'll be back. And tomorrow if you visit agan I'll have my F up for the A-Z blogging challenge: for frogs!

  2. Now this is a wonderful pat yourself on the back moment! Good for you! AND keep it up, you are so worth the effort and the dedication will surely pay off.
    The dresses at that price are a steal. Pat yourself on the back for that, too!

    ps...I hate caotchas, so today I will post, but know that I will be reading, but not posting through those stupid things.
    If you'd like to remove it, you can do that on your design page. Under tools. If not, I'll be reading anyway! ♥

  3. I had to return here after your.ast comment on blog: that 50 is not old! It better not be as I am 49 with a 7 and 8 year old! There is no time for that dust to settled in my harried hurried life. Lol! You did things in the right order. I should be an empty nester now. Then I wouldn't be sandwiched:))


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