Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gonna Get This Blog Going!

Created this icon to motivate myself and gear up for 30 days of back-to-back blogging and posting every day of every week for a month. You can read about National Blog Posting Month and how it started out by clicking on the badge. That will take you to the NaBloPoMo site where you can find out about all the history and current incarnation of the event. 

Should be a good exercise. I've wanted to really get this regular old non-niche personal blog going for quite some time and the time seems right. I'm having nose surgery for a septum that is pushed way over to the left not allowing air to flow in the left while my right side takes in all the air and becomes too dry and causes all sorts of troubles. So on Friday the 10th I will be out of it, and probably on some pretty strong pain medication for a few days thereafter so my posts should I hope be somewhat amusing on those days.  Not promising they will any sense on that Friday or Saturday.  But blogging will certainly give me something to do while my freshly, and medically, broken nose heals. 

Just got the email today letting June participants know what the theme is.   It is "fan" as in the little whirly cooling thing or someone who follows a particular team or event zealously.  There is no requirement to use the theme unless you need it for inspiration.  I think there may be daily prompts too.  I will find out more as the event develops. 

Wish me luck and determination to successfully complete the challenge and become habituated to posting every day and improve my skills. 

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