Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Daughter's First Home With Her Guy

I'm in Minneapolis.  Made it here yesterday after driving from Tucson.  I drove our SUV and Zilla drove her Jetta.  Everything is unpacked from the vehicle and she is setting up house.  She and Tree Boy found a great little house in a great neighborhood.  The only downside is from the sad situation that led to this great little home becoming a rental.  Upside-down house mortgage to house value ratio is involved here as it is with half the homes in the country. 

The dogs are slowly getting used to each other.  Zilla has her French Mastiff and Tree Boy has his Labrador. The problem comes from the Labrador thinking that Zilla is his "Mom" from knowing her in Tucson when Zilla and Tree Boy were dating.  He's jealous and the mastiff doesn't take any guff off of anyone.  The mastiff is wearing a muzzle in the house as if she bites the Lab back she will hurt him.  He bit her ear this a.m. but he has a soft bite and does not really hurt her.  She is really still honked off at him biting her.  On walks the situation changes, they both get along unmuzzled, just fine.  

Went with Zilla to the grocery today and helped her stock up on some basics for the kitchen and helped her step through the process of cooking a roast.  My baby's first meal cooked in her new home with her honey.  Makes me get teary eyed a little bit.  But when I tried to write earlier today, the Hubby called and Zilla walked in after a dog walk and wanted me to go grocery shopping with her.  I'm still looking forward to Eventually I will be able to write without interruption.  I know I will.  I know I will.  It will happen.  I will be done nesting.  Not done mothering, but done nesting. 

I'm helping Zilla set up her nest.  Fun, joyous, sad and frustrating, all bundled together.

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