Friday, December 9, 2011

Bucket List or Dream List

Been playing around with graphics today... one of my favorite things you might have deduced by now.  I was playing with the title of this blog when I began thinking about the things I want to accomplish during this next phase of my life.  A bucket list if you will.  GBE2 had it as a weekly writing prompt last week.  And while I didn't get the post written then, I'm doing it now.  Day late and a dollar short as usual.  But what the hey, this is about fun, motivation, and peer response.  Deadlines be damned!

Ok, here goes:
  • Number one on the list is definitely to get the book on healing MSbP abuse done and spend a while on marketing it.  
  • The Gene Stratton-Porter biography is high priority too after MSbP book.
  • A month of wearing wool sweaters, eating oatmeal, and writing in a stone cottage on an island (Hebrides - maybe Skye) just off the Scottish coast has always been a dream.  
  • Touring through the desolate wilderness of Patagonia in South America.
  • Spending a week in Paris with time spent between the Musée du Louvre  and the Museo de Orsay. 
  • Redeveloping my relationship with my husband so that we are best friends again.    
  • Having a garden again.
  • Making bread again.
  • Getting up to 400 plus as my regular score in Scrabble®.  
This is fun because I'm making it fun.  It isn't a list of things I've failed to do as yet, it is a list of things I still dream about doing.  I'm glad I'm still dreaming!  What do you dream about doing now that you are done nesting?

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