Monday, June 6, 2011

Playgrounds of the Mind Made Real - Virtuality Pt. 3

There are people in the world with whom I am friends and who know me predominantly by the  things I say and do.  That is sort of nice.  There is no physical bias because of what I look like.... because everyone looks pretty much the same unless great effort is made to appear distinct.  It is good to be judged on the nature of of one's character.

There are environmental groups, political groups, artists, groups who practice languages they are learning, book discussion groups,  and really just about any interest you may have you can probably find a group dedicated to that interest in the virtual world.  Lots of folks do role play and if you have any interest in a particular historical period, literature genre, or game there are groups of people in the virtual world who share your interest. 

Thought I would share a few images of people I collected from semi random
travels around the grid.  The first two I've included are meetings I attended.  The first is a planning meeting for International Human Rights Day observances, and thesecond is a Linked In group meeting, an international theatrical presentation that included live music, choreographed dancing, and a light show, 

Here an audience is gathering for a live broadcast of Virtually Speaking, an interview show that is streamed live from SL.  

This image is from an international performance of live music, choreographed dance and light show. 

Here's an author I met at Burning Life, Second Life's take on Burning Man.  

The last one is of me giving a talk. 

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