Thursday, June 2, 2011

Surfing Is Dangerous. No, not the kind with sharks!

Okay, I'm getting my gestalt going.  I am attuned to my über rubric. The flow and force is with me.  I'm letting go of having to have a very specific message, most likely political, that I must impart.  Nebulous messengers of the world unite.

No, really, all I've had this morning is coffee with 2% milk and a half a cup of oatmeal cooked with 1 cup of apple juice and served with a sploosh of milk.  No silly pills.  I swear.  Geesh, I miss the days when I could tap my little girl's nose, smile lovingly, and say things like, "Well, I see you swallowed a silly pill!" But I digress from my digression.

It all started when I opened my dashboard and saw a comment from The Word Nerd about this blog-a-rama ding dong that is Nablopomo write-every-day-or-die thing we do to ourselves to when we pledge to blog every day.  On Nerd's blog there was a link to Shabby Blogs. I like the free resources handed out on Shabby Blogs.  I like the philosophy of exchange.  I need to do more of it. I also have to provide for myself down the line so I can't give everything away.   But I do give a lot of information away for free, whenever I can, because information flows toward freedom.   Maybe I will start a non-corporate blog that gives away progressive blog bling.  Oh please someone just lock me up now, I'm thinking of yet another blog & website!  This is a pathological addiction of mine.  I think I have good ideas and I follow up on them - for a while.  But this one sounds GOOD.  Oh, sigh...

I promptly got lost in all the pretty pretties to be found on blog and related sites such as the one linked in the Free Vintage Clip Art image  included to the side.  I still love Karen's Whimsy as the place to start for Victorian designs, though;  it is the prototype site for Grandma's homey clip art filtered through the brain of a creative woman.    I got lost in clip art for a while.

Then I found the link to Shape Collage!  I haven't been able to play with it much yet, because I'm writing on an old Mac ibook G4 that has seen far better days,  but I will and I'm not even a scrap-booker.  I just love "free"and I love old things,  and womens' culture,  and shaping my own images into an image is a recursion I just have to explore. 

But I also found useful info about putting specific advertising on blogs which is also something in which I'm very interested as my ethical sensibility is often offended by the corporatist and prowar advertising that is automatically thrown onto my site by major ad clicks.  Even BlogHer which I support had ads that I personally think are too "corporate."   Hmmm.  Maybe I should start my own ad serving business.  Oh dear.   Another idea....

Maybe I should start a site where I give away the ideas I know I will never have the time to develop.  Oh drat!  Did it again. 

I better sign off because surfing the internets and bloggy things is dangerous, just like thinking.   ;-p

Have a great day, what's left of it anyway, and don't forget to spend a little bit of time allowing your mind to wander.  It is relaxing. 

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