Friday, February 17, 2012

Do Overs and Social Media

Continuing on from yesterday's post on do overs I thought I would talk about the continuity of of social media.  Social media may seem of the moment, but like any digital information on the web, it can go on forever.   With the advent of internet archives such as you can visit earlier versions of the web.  Do overs are not possible while the original continues on.  What we write, say, do online continues on, potentially for as long as any classic has lasted--centuries and longer.

So no, there are no do overs, but every online writer can minimize their own likelihood of wishing for  for do overs by carefully determining for what what each social media is best used my you.

For example, Facebook, for me is a personal experience.  It has my peace friends, my high school friends and is my game playing outlet. 

Linked in is for expanding my existing networks in areas of business in which I am involved. 

Twitter is for my info gathering and dissemination skills at their best.  I really do not use it for personal communication.

Texting is just for family.

I have a business blog and this one that is a catch all and one with even less structure where I put my political posts. 

Google+ I haven't figured out entirely, but it seems to be perfect for personable, professional us.

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