Friday, February 10, 2012

What I've Been Doing! Such a Hussy!

Okay so I sort of promised in yesterday's post that I would be talking about the stuff I worked on this week.  But that was before I came down with a rip tooting hullabalooting cold last evening and before my nose fell off this morning.  It's hyperbole, folks.  But this will be shorter than I had anticipated due to difficulty typing because of constant drip-drip-drip from my nose.  Ack. Gack. Kerchoo!

Anyway... I own the URL and I have been trying to figure out what to do with it.  I think I have come to a decision and I've started working on the site.  I've hinted previously that I really want to have a blogging, networking, blog-carnaval-ish site for folks who are through with the broody phase of their lives and are done nesting but really are not all that keen on the term "empty nest."
I really like the image I came up with for Done Nesting and I think I will use it for the site. Note that I've added little scrapbook photo holder tabs on the image.  I think it is cute with them, don't you agree? 

We can hope there is nothing missing from most people's lives who demographically fit the category of empty nester; the natural progression of raising a family requires the shift in roles as time passes. 

Anyway, the website template that I want to use, called elist, allows people list their sites and the site can be a compilation of Done Nester sites as well as listings of blog posts in a WeBloPo Challenge (ala NaBloPoMo and GBE 2)  that stands for  Weekly Blog Posting Challenge that is sort of like a  Blog Carnival in which bloggers agree to post on a certain topic at a certain time and have their collective posts listed together somewhere online. 

This idea grew out of my participation in the BlogHer site and events which clued me in to phenomenon of mommy bloggers who naturally cluster together for defensive ;-) or strategic purposes.  There just doesn't seem to be a perfect fit with a group of more mature (Why oh why do I always think of manure when I write the word mature?) writers or artists or hussies that I have found.
We were sooo Classy! 

Aside:  I have only felt at HOME in one online community, the one and only ORIGINAL Brazen Hussies, and that was one in which I was known as The Word Wench. ( It was a great group of folks who loved the glamour of old Hollywood and witty, suggestive (in the way of old Hollywood) repartee.  This was way back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The site is still there and kept up by a loyal editor but the community has sort of fallen by the way side which is natural don't you know, darlin', for folks who just can't keep on the straight and narrow.  I was best known back then for my cadre of pool boys and for being able to logically and necessarily referring to John Waters in every single Word Wench post, dish, or article that I wrote.  Oh my goodness, I did it again!

Anyhoo, something I said all the time in that former wenchy life, I will be setting up the site and trying to figure out the blog posting permissions for WeBloPo (and yes, this newly invented word is why I thought of the good old days with the Brazen Hussies) for those who list their sites.  So check it out if you want and give me feed back and sign up or list yourself and help me figure out how it all works.    It won't launch for a few weeks yet and our mistakes can always be disappeared.

I did other stuff this week too involving finances, boomer domains, talking to my precious b-daughter (as contrasted with my s-daughter) as she goes for interviews and deals with the sub-arctic temps of her newly adopted home.

Hasta whenever.... I may just post pics these next couple of days if I don't feel any better this weekend than I do now.

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