Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whine, Gripe, Moan, Second Guess

I feel like an idiot.  I host a website for a friend and she came over yesterday so we could choose a new template for a the site.  Nothing would work properly.  Grrrr.  Templates that had loaded just fine a couple of days ago were flaking out, not loading, missing sections.

I looked like a total incompetent.  I felt like every piece of technology I touched was flaking out.  So I'm taking the weekend off.  No website work. 

Mixing work and friendship never works well.  I don't host sites for other people with any regularity.  But helping a friend out is an okay thing to do.  But mainly I just host my own sites and I have started setting up domains to sell with topic specific templates and some example content pre-installed. 

I will eventually sell ebooks and graphics and get out of hosting.  I do not like to do less than a really good job.  How do so many people go through life without guilt when I feel guilty about stuff that I is not even my fault?

I guess this is all just sniveling about whether I'm tough enough to be in business for myself.  I'm two weeks in to my renewed effort at building a business and writing my books so a few minutes of self-doubt probably isn't all that bad. 

Must think positive and reread some of my recent posts. 

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