Sunday, February 5, 2012

The First Day of What I've Worked to Achieve

Transitions are difficult for me to demarcate.  I've been working on launching a second, or third, or fourth career, depending upon how you look at the journey that is my life,  in which  personal constraints are folded into the mix in a way that enhances my ability to succeed.  Success is defined in oh so many ways and I think that I probably define success in a most different fashion than most other folks in our culture. 

I'm at the point in my life toward which I have been aiming for a very long time.   I am not exactly sure when I became aware of this event horizon, but it is a point from which there is no backing away.  This is different from setting a goal.  This is a harvest of a lifetime of goals set up until this point.  Yes, I feel some pressure to make this work. I'm not scared of success or failure. I will succeed in one or more aspects of the life work on which I now will focus.

Okay, to the point:  I begin putting it all together tomorrow.  I'm in my home.  In my office.  Graphics, words, web, observation, research, analysis, information, data, trends, networking... the whole shebang treated like a real career, job, way of life.  It has been a long time coming.  Tomorrow is the first day since I have had my health back when I will be able to work in my home without interruption.  I began being able to breathe, sleep and heal after my nose surgery in June of last year.  This co-occurred with treatment for recently diagnosed diabetes; a sensible diet and a couple of pills a day.  I awoke one day in July and realized that I would soon be able to focus on my own work for extended periods of time.  I now had the energy to work more than a couple hours a day as well as the ability to focus for extended periods of time. 

So why am I only starting this new phase of my life now?  I have to give the same answer that so many women still do when asked why they have not pushed ahead in their career as far as they could have.  The answer is family.  My husband began a sabbatical in August during which time he would be home all day long when he was not on the and my daughter also moved back in with us in August for the last semester of her undergraduate college days, with her 110 lb. mastiff, and shared a car with me.  Also my s-daughter, her hubby, and the twins visited during the holidays and for the graduation extravaganza. 

Do I really need to say I got none of my own work done this past autumn? But now the situation has changed.

My liminal stage is ending and I am fully entering a stage of life in which women have acquired some wisdom, a set of skills unique unto her, and the influence to change many aspects of the world she knows.  I'm excited.  I'm ready. 
  • I am home.      Check.
  • Hubby is teaching and researching again at the university.       Check.
  • Daughter has moved out of state.      Check.
  • My car is shared with no one.     Check.
  • No puppies or kittens in house, only lazy old dogs and cats.      Check
  • Ideas aplenty.      Check.
  • Groundwork laid for most projects.     Check. 
  • Good attitude and good health.       Check. 
Looks like all systems are go.   

So the time I have been waiting for is upon me and I am seizing it.  Tomorrow I will walk into my office and begin working full-time on my stuff as a business / a career / my life's work.  I believe most projects will succeed.  Some will make money.  A few may change the world.

I am a happy woman entering one of the best time of my life.  Send me best wishes as I embark upon this segment of my path with renewed determination, concentration, and a fierce love of and belief in the freedom of information and the need for women to reclaim their role as leaders of communities and the amalgamation of communities we know as civilization. 

I am thankful, grateful to have reached this point in life.  Namaste. 


  1. Congratulations!!! I hope to one day be doing all that I want as well. You are motivating!

  2. Thank you! I'm so psyched to be at this point. And it is all the more exciting to know that other women are thinking along the same lines. I hope to be a good example!


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