Monday, February 13, 2012

Screaming Meemie of a Headache

Such a total piece of crap!  I am feeling totally worthless today. 

I have a less than hellacious but still totally sucky migraine.  It has been a long time since I had one of these.  A long time, for me, in the matter of migraines is well over a month.  I used to have them for at least once a week and that meant that at least three days out of every week were gone.  This one is coming on after a cold so I'm not sure it even counts as a "real" migraine, though the symptoms that for me mean migraine are all there, it just isn't to the degree where everything sounds like an incoming  screaming meemies and the dimmest of lights might as well be a spotlight shined directly in my eyes. 

When I say migraine I refer to the set of symptoms I associate with the intolerable headache. 
  • impacts the left side of my head only
  • light sensitivity
  • pain in left eye/sinus in the upper inner corner inside my eye socket
  • left side of occipital bun muscles are tight and in spasm
  • feeling like a knife or line of fire extends between the back of my head and my eye
  • soreness on top of the left side of my head
I try not to take medication for the migraine because of known interaction between sSRI/SNRI based drugs and triptan-based migraine drugs but occasionally when there is pain I do things I know are not recommended.  I know this because I found the warning on the interaction myself and I will talk to my clinic doc whenever I go in again.  I am looking for other treatments as I am finding that I am the one who lets the physicians know what is going on with me and what they should do about it.   I will never forget the guy (physician) who told me there was nothing wrong with my nose but reluctantly referred me to the ENT guy who found and treated my severely deviated septum. 

I will get rid of these things (headaches) completely!

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